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Tips For Your Website
  1. Ensure that your website is responsive * – mobile Internet usage has grown phenomenally, and more and more people surf the net with their phones. Make it easy for your viewers to read your website on their mobile device – Web Warriors will be happy to design and build a responsive website for your business!
  2. Have a polished, professional logo–and link it to your home page.
  3. Use intuitive navigation – easy to find , easy to use.: Primary navigation options are typically in a horizontal [menu] bar along the top of the site or on the side of the content (vertical menu)
  4. Keep it simple. Get rid of clutter and avoid visually overloading your viewers – make sure that graphics, animated gifs etc. do not detract from the important part of your website.
  5. Invest in good, professional photography or purchase professional stock photos – nothing like bad images of your great product to put people off doing business with you.
  6. Choose fonts that are easy to read across different devices and browsers – readability is key – size 11 pt and upwards.
  7. Make sure that your key information and message is on every page.
  8. Ensure that you have a website that loads quickly- if it takes too long visitors will leave
  9. Check your spelling –¬†People often judge products and services advertised on websites by the quality of writing, spelling and grammar on the page.
  10. Links on the website should work – nothing more frustrating than reaching a broken link.

* Separate mobile websites have their own URL and different code, whereas responsive sites use one URL and one set of pages and files, making it simpler and more efficient for Google to crawl, index, and organize content and avoids issues of duplicate content. Google now states that responsive web design is industry best practice.

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