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20 Top Tips For SEO
20 Top Tips for SEO

Need some help with your website – here some invaluable TOP SEO TIPS for your website!

  1.  Content is KING!  Ensure that you have well-written and unique content that will focus on your primary keyword or keyword phrase.
  2.  Build a network of quality backlinks – quality links and ones relevant to your website
  3. Use your keyword phrase for links to your website and use these keywords within your site as the link, instead of click here.
  4. When you build your website, always keep SEO in mind – Flash may look, um well.. flash but it won’t help you at all in the search department. Your website needs words, your images need descriptions and dimension information.
  5. We can’t emphasize fresh new tasty content enough! If your website info doesn’t change much, consider a blog …. and then blog a couple of times a week to keep the spiders busy.
  6. Get found in local searches by using your keyword phrase and location within your website.
  7. If you simply have to use Flash, or a big image or have a landing page, make sure you have text and navigation links at the bottom. It doesn’t help being all pretty but not being found.
  8. Have a call to action on each website page e.g. book now, call now, email us etc.
  9. Choose one keyword phrase per page and focus on that for maximum optimization.
  10. A picture paints a thousand words- make them work even harder for your website – make sure your images have keyword-rich captions.
  11. Don’t stuff your text with keywords. Search engines may penalize your website if these keywords are overused – keyword stuffing can count against you – be careful!
  12. Your website should have a sitemap.
  13. Fresh content can help improve your rankings. Add new content to your web pages on a regular basis. Content freshness is important in the eyes of the search engines.
  14. If you can get links from other pages with high PR (Page Rank) grab it with both hands- it will add loads of credibility to your own website.
  15. Domain age is a factor.
  16. Videos can be added to You-tube, AOL, MSN – they can play an important role in getting good results. Remember to link back to your website.
  17. Links from .edu domains impress the search engines. See you if you can get linked to some .edu websites or non-profit organizations.
  18. Add easy sharing with +1/ facebook / twitter etc buttons to your pages to help in getting your name out there.
  19. New Age SEO includes videos, social networks, sharing, following, liking, podcasts, news – get your name and business out there and go all out with your digital marketing !
  20. Finally SEO is not a once off thing to do and you’re done. Your competitors are constantly trying to nab that top spot from you – so don’t let down your guard. Keep up with the SEO and try new approaches – the search landscape is an ever changing one.

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